FireBlog Instruction


Github offers the wonderful Github Pages service. With it, you don’t need to worry about server or domain name(you can have customed domain name like:, It’s super convenient to set up a static blog based on the service.

Since it’s easy, free and fast, more and more people start to use this service.

P.S. You can also use your own domain name.

Two weeks ago, I noticed the magic Github Pages supprisingly.

There is official support for Jekyll, by which you could easily set up a blog without database. You need to push the markdown file of your blog to your git repository.

I didn’t pay much attention to it though. After all I have my own wordpress blog on Ali Cloud and hate the idea of manually pushing .md files everytime.

Then one day I was pused a ad about fireblog when I was watching video on Youtube.

firebase offers a basic free service, by which you could operate on the database by js.

And it suddenly came to me that I could combine this with Github Pages.

So I decided to write a blog framework based on Github Pages, AngularJS and firebase. If I succeed, then people with no idea about programming will be able to set up their own blogs by just forking the project and logging in with their Github account.


It’s named Fire Blog

1 fork the source code from the project home page

2 change the name of the project you’ve forked to

3 drink your coffee and visit

4 click that ‘hidden’ login-page entry button

5 log in with your Github account

6 edit the config.js file as instructed

7 Tada! Here is your blog!

From the author

I myself have never owned an open source project.

A open source project must be one that helps those who need and gets help from those who are willing to share.

And this is what I want to achieve with this project.

I sincerely hope that Fire Blog is a good choice for you, and that you are happy to refine or correct it.