Introduction to Wildfire

A drop-in replacement for other comment plug-ins.

Please visit the brand new Wildfire Home Page ( Detailed documentation is available.

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wildfire aims to be an it-just-works comment plug-in for personal websites, like your Hexo blogs. It takes advantage of free real-time databases (Firebase and Wilddog) to store your comments data, and provide you real-time communicating experience.

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For site owners:

For all visitors (anonymous & authorized):

  • Comment (with Markdown support)
  • Mention (@username)

For authorized visitors:

  • Like/dislike a comment
  • Delete own comments
  • Report inappropriate comments
  • Update user profile
    • Display name
    • Avatar
  • Personal Center:
    • Notification


A live wildfire is at the bottom of this page.

For more showcases, check this Wiki page: Who is using Wildfire?.


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